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Tatty Bumpkin classes are fun, yoga-inspired stories designed to encourage movement and enhance development in babies and children 6 weeks - 11 years. The sessions focus on the 'well-being' of both child and parent, giving a firm foundation for social, emotional and physical confidence - all required for future happiness and success.

Tatty Bumpkin classes really do help children become happy and confident - emotionally, socially and physically, which is the foundation for a happy and successful future. This is echoed in a recent Guardian article which talks about financial success, but as well as financial reward, success can be measured by 'well being' - the ultimate goal of all human endeavour, is that we feel good about ourselves and the people around us, and do things in our lives which give us a sense of meaning and value. Tatty Bumpkin will help you and your children understand what this means and how to achieve it.

All our sessions are aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5 years) curriculm, and have been developed by physiotherapists, educationalists, yoga-teachers, and adults with access to their own inner child. We believe in unleashing the untapped creativity that comes with childhood, and using it to motivate and inspire children to achieve their maximum potential.

Our classes are run overseas and across the UK, in private classes, nurseries, pre-schools, schools, Children's Centres, holiday clubs... at weddings, festivals, parties... you name it, where there are families and children looking for fun, we will be there.

And if you are a parent looking to join with your baby or child, you too will access your inner child and learn new creative, physical ways of parenting. Join us in a new Bendy, Giggly, Clever and Strong world.


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